Saturday, October 10, 2009

what's happening??

Hi everyone!
it's been quite a while since there has been an entry on the blog.
Is it still running?
I wonder where all the moleskines are..............


Marty Harris said...

Where are the books? Let's have an answer. This simply isn't fair. If there is anyone who wishes to continue, please report in, otherwise have some respect and return the books. Please be so kind.

Lau said...

I'm so so sorry for dissapear.. I had some problems the last months and I couldn't pay any attention to this, I want to continue if anyone of you wants to or I'll return the book as soon as possible, just tell me what to do, sorry again..
I'll be waiting for a response.

Lau said...

And I have change my address. Please contact me by email to know the new one.
Again, I'm sorry for my delayed.. I only received one moleskine in this time, no matter i changed my address I still have access to the old one and nothing else arrived.

Anonymous said...

if anyone has my book can you please send it back?

Please send me an email for my adress.

karo said...

hi there,
I'm sorry but there seems not to be any more interest in the exchange from some members from the group.
yes it's not fair to keep the others' books when you don't wish to continue the exchange anymore.
I haven't received any books since I don't know when to be honest. I've contacted danny and he told me that he didn't receive anything and has nothing to send to me, so, I have nothing to send to r8r, oh well...
I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to continue the exchange.
Please, let me know about you, this will make life easier and we all will avoid dissappointment and so on.
Let me know,

Marty Harris said...

Very sadly, Cindy Woods succumbed to cancer.

Please check the comments from the most recent post on moly_x_15. Apparently there are those who are paying attention. I would recommend writing one short letter asking for the location of the books and who would like to continue. Post this letter on the blog, send it to each (excluding Cindy) member via FlickrMail, and via email. The email addresses may be found at the blog by clicking Customize>Settings>Permissions.

This note will be posted on your blog, as well. Communication is half the game.

r8r said...

Cindy gone. That's a sad note to receive. Her posts on Flickr were brilliant examples of immediate drawing.