Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've started...

Some of you finished making the artwork... I've just started, even though I chose the theme for my book some time ago. Anyway, I'm going to make it in black and white and I may make it lok a little bit like collage.
The theme of my book is "alice in wonderland", and I'm going to blend the elements, characters and ideas from lewis caroll's book in my entry. I don't want to start my moly just like the story in "Alice in wonderland" begins, I just want to make some kind of tribute to it, choosing the particular images that were the most important for me when I read the book whan I was a kid. I know that each one of you find many different parts of the story in "Alice in Wonderland" as the most significant ones. It's just like when two people watch the same movie, but each one of them pays attention on different things in the plot or in its visual structure. I hope that later on we will have a chance to compare our impressions and memories related to "alice in wonderland"

And, this picture is just the first two pages of my moly, not the proper artwork I'd like to make on the accordion page. I'll try to speed up a bit, cause I've got the iression that I'm the laziest person in this group:)


marina said...

Nice start!
I love your theme!

dannyglix said...

looks like fun... does anyone know how long i have, till im supposed to send Karo the book im working on??