Thursday, May 8, 2008

"who gets it next?" -the order of sending books

hi there,
I've just thought that it will be better to post the order of sending books here instead of sending several e-mails... I've changed the order a bit so that r8r, cindy and glix could receive a book from other part of the world, not only u.s.a.,
ok, so the order is:
monikasilvs (Poland) to Mariah (Spain)
Mariah(Spain) to r8r (USA)
r8r (USA) to Janine (Netherlands)
Janine (Netherlands) to Cindy (USA)
Cindy (USA) to LauGiraudo (Argentina)
Laugiraudo (Argentina) to glix (USA)
glix (USA) to monikasilvs (Poland)

hope that it makes sense:)
I sugest you guys not to hesitate to contact via flickrmail or adding the group members to your flickr contact lists. It's the easiest way o get to know each other better, get the addresses that you have to send your books to and so on...
have fun:)


Cin said...

um. looks like someone's missing. :)

nonetheless, many thanks Karo for all the work you've put into this!

karo said...

aaargh, stupid me, of course, I wanted to put your name after janine....
sorry for my mistake:)

dannyglix said...


karo said...

I've improved the list and now it's correct.

Marty Harris said...

Karo, nice to see you. Your picture is adorable.

Lau said...

As Marty says...
Nice to see you karo!!!


Well.. I'll start in this days with mines... and then.. glix.. get prepare..!
(sorry for my awfull english)