Sunday, September 14, 2008


I guess everyone knows that It 's been kind of difficult time for her, but now everything seems to be getting better and better.
Don't worry Cindy, it's all gonna be alright soon!!!

added 9/23/08: thanks Kara for your well wishes :) My apologies to you all for slowing things down and keeping Janine's sketchbook far too long. Sorry to say I didn't contribute anything but passed it on to Laura to fill the pages as next in line. I'm drawing still but because my time and energy are limited because of illness I've been focusing on getting down the people and places that surround me. Sorry again to have caused delays, my best to you all. Cindy


karo said...

no worries,
thanks for your note, hope you get well soon:)

Anonymous said...

Hope you will get better soon!!!
a big hug