Tuesday, September 2, 2008

everybody ok?

how are things?
I send my moly to Lau last week. I haven't got a moly from robin yet so I am moly-less.
I can't wait to get another moly and make some art!!!


Lau said...

I'm ok, waiting for your moly.. and maybe Cindy's one too... she told me long time ago she were going to send me both moly that she has.. but no news yet..

Sooo.. I always was a moly'ness person!!!!!

booo :(

r8r said...

Mine went to Janine in Holland a few months back.

I was supposed to get one from somebody, but no one's sent me anything yet.

I'm ready to work though! Whoever's got one to send me, let me know and I'll forward an address.